Transparent Tribe campaign uses new bespoke malware to target Indian government officials

By Asheer Malhotra and Justin Thattil with contributions from Kendall McKay.

Cisco Talos has observed a new Transparent Tribe campaign targeting Indian government and military entities. While the actors are infecting victims with CrimsonRAT, their well-known malware of choice, they are also using new stagers and implants. This campaign, which has been ongoing since at least June 2021, uses fake domains mimicking legitimate government and related organizations to deliver malicious payloads, a common Transparent tribe tactic. Based on our analysis of Transparent Tribe operations over the last year, the group has continued to change its initial entry mechanisms and incorporate new bespoke malware, indicating the actors are actively diversifying their portfolio to compromise even more victims. Notably, the adversary has moved towards deploying small, bespoke stagers and downloaders that can be easily modified, likely to enable quick and agile operations. Transparent Tribe deploys new implants
Transparent Tribe, also known as APT36 and Mythic Leopard, continues to create fake domains mimicking legitimate military and defense organizations as a core component of their operations. In the latest campaign conducted by the threat actor, Cisco Talos observed multiple delivery methods, such as executables masquerading as installers of

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