VirusTotal hacking – Hackers can access trove of stolen credentials on VirusTotal

Dubbed VirusTotal Hacking; the attack allowed researchers to access 1,000,000 login credentials exfiltrated by unencrypted crypto wallets and different types of malware.

Security researchers at SafeBreach have discovered a way to collect huge amounts of stolen user credentials only by executing searches on VirusTotal. For your information, VirusTotal is an online platform used to examine suspicious URLs and documents. 

The problem with this new finding is that VirusTotal can be exploited to steal large amounts of credentials without hacking an organization’s network or buying the credentials.

Research Findings

According to SafeBreach researchers, they could collect over 1,000,000 credentials exfiltrated by unencrypted cryptocurrency wallets and different types of malware. The researchers managed to conduct the hack by executing simple searches using a $679 VirusTotal license and tools.

It all started with the curiosity to identify the kind of data a cybercriminal or hacker could collect if they have a VirusTotal license. A user with this license can perform a wide range of tasks such as searching for the service’s dataset with several queries to reveal the file type, submitted data, file name, country, file content, etc.

How Was The Hacking Planned?

SafeBreach researchers decided to hack VirusTotal to determine if a

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