Warez users fell for Certishell

Avast - 

Research of this malware family began when I found a malicious task starting powershell code directly from a registry key within our user base.  I wasn’t expecting the surprise I’d arrived at when I began tracking its origins. Living in a smaller country, Czech Republic, it is a rare sight to see someone exclusively targeting the local Czech/Slovak audience. The threat actor seems to have been creating malware since 2015 and appears to be from Slovakia. The bad actor’s repertoire contains a few RATs, some packers for cryptominers and, almost obligatorily, ransomware, and I have named the malware family Certishell. This person’s malware is spread with illegal copies of songs and movies and with alleged cracks and keygens of games and common tools (GTA SA, Mafia, Avast, Microsoft Office) that were hosted on one of the most popular Czech and Slovak file-sharing services uloz.to.

The Ceritshell family can be split into three different parts. 

RAT with a C&C server sivpici.php5[.]sk (Czech/Slovak slang for “you are fucked up”), which has AutoIT, C++ and Go versions.Miner downloaded from hacked websites and started with the script que.vbs from the task. Miner or ransomware downloaded from hacked websites and launched from a powershell command

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