Watch out as new PhoneSpy spyware hits Android devices

PhoneSpy spyware is currently targeting Android users in South Korea through third-party platforms.

Zimperium zLabs researchers have revealed findings on PhoneSpy spyware that can infiltrate Android handsets and is spread through malicious applications. For now, the good news is that the malicious apps are not available on Google Play Store.

“Samples of PhoneSpy were not found in any Android app store, indicating that attackers are using distribution methods based on web traffic redirection or social engineering,” researchers noted.

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The malware is developed with advanced obfuscation and concealment capabilities. Once it is downloaded on a device, it can hide its icon and remain undetected, uninstall mobile security software, and gather extensive personal and corporate data from the victim, including private photos and communications.

23 Malicious Apps Discovered

On Wednesday, zLabs published its report on the nefarious activities of PhoneSpy spyware operators. Reportedly, the researchers have identified 23 malicious applications hiding the spyware and distributed through third-party platforms. The infected apps include photo collection apps, TV/Video streaming software, browsing utilities, and yoga instruction software.

Campaign Targets South Korean Citizens

The campaign is mainly targeting Android users in South

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