Bash Ransomware DarkRadiation Targets Red Hat- and Debian-based Linux Distributions

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Bash Ransomware DarkRadiation Targets Red Hat- and Debian-based Distributions


We investigate how certain hacking tools are used to move laterally on victims’ networks to deploy ransomware. These tools contain reconnaissance/spreader , for Red Hat and CentOS, binary injectors, and more. In this blog, we focus on analyzing the worm and ransomware script.

A recently discovered Bash ransomware piqued our interest in multiple ways. Upon investigating, we found that the attack chain is fully implemented as a bash script, but it also seems that the scripts are still under development. Most components of this attack mainly target Red Hat and CentOS Linux distributions; however, in some scripts Debian-based Linux distributions are included as well. The worm and ransomware scripts also use the of the messaging application for command-and-control (C&C) communication. We also found that most components of this attack have very low detection numbers in Total. The hack tools URL with the ransomware information was initially reported by user @r3dbU7z. 

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