Cybercrime: Today and the Future

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Erin Sindelar Hello everyone. My name is Erin Sindelar. Thank you so much for joining at Perspectives . In the next few minutes, I’m excited to talk with you about the current state of . To start, let’s look at the big picture of threats in 2020. Overall Trend Micro blocked 62.6 billion threats last year, which is about 119,000 per minute from all of this threat data, a few highlights to point out 91% of these threats were email born.

We detected 210% more attacks on home networks than in the previous year and 34% more new ransomware families than last year. Additionally, Trend Micro™ Zero Day Initiative™ published 40% more advisories than in the past year. Now I know that was a lot of numbers really quickly right off the bat, but I wanted to ground us in an overall snapshot of the last year before we dig into one of these areas specifically, which is ransomware.

Ransomware today looks quite a bit different than it did in the past. Yes, there is still and demands, but that’s just one part of a much larger process. There are three big changes

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