How CISOs can stay ahead of ransomware attacks

Trend Micro -

Ransomware continues to hinder enterprises with targeted attacks using a myriad of techniques, including 2020’s most common approach of double extortion. Organizations need to stay alert and ahead of attacks to avoid financial losses, workflow disruptions, and damage to their reputation. This article uses case studies to take a deeper look at the ransomware variants of 2020 and provides insight on how cybersecurity leaders can mitigate future attacks.

Trends and themes of ransomware in 2020

With continued growth and attack evolution, enterprises should remain vigilant against the ongoing threat of ransomware. Trend Micro observed the increase of new ransomware families and a narrower focus on targeted attacks toward high-value assets and vulnerable industries. With the global pandemic, it’s unsurprising that cybercriminals upped their focus on the healthcare industry, which accounted for 14% of all ransomware attacks.

Double extortion was a common ransomware theme due to a significant focus on data breaches of valuable organizations. Cybercriminals expanded their tactics by not only denying access to the compromised files but also threatening to expose the sensitive data unless a ransom was paid. This is a major concern for enterprises, as they have much at risk—from a financial, regulatory, and image perspective.

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