LockBit ransomware gang claims PayBito crypto exchange as new victim

LockBit ransomware operators claim that they stole the PayBito database that contains 100,000 customers’ information including email addresses and “weak” password hashes.

The infamous LockBit ransomware gang is claiming to have hacked PayBito, a global cryptocurrency exchange, and stolen its data including a database with 100,000 customers’ information.

The group claimed the attack on Thursday, February 3rd on its official website on the so-called dark web accessible through the Tor browser. In its post, the operators of LockBit ransomware stated the stolen database contains personal information of customers in the United States and other countries worldwide.

It further claimed that the stolen records have email addresses and a “weak hash algorithm” referring to a password algorithm that can be easily decrypted into cleartext format. Additionally, the alleged data includes the personal data of the exchange’s administrators.

“Crypto exchange of “HashCashConsultant” company, > 100k Users in DB. Customers from USA/WorldWide personal data, mail/hash, weak hash algorithm. Admins personal data, admin emails, and hashes. If you want to buy it – contact us with TOX – All available data will be published.


It is worth noting that the PayBito exchange offers buying, selling, and trading of Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and

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