Ransomware Attack Against KP Snacks

KP Snacks is a leading manufacturer of popular British snacks, such as PopChips, Skips, Hula Hoops, Penn State pretzels, McCoy’s, and Wheat Crunchies.

With over 2,000 workers and yearly sales of more than $600 million, KP Snack represents a tempting target for threat actors.

What Happened?

A cyber-attack on KP Snacks caused supply chain disruptions across the UK. Due to the assault, the company’s supplies to major superstores are allegedly being delayed or canceled entirely.

According to BleepingComputer, the company’s internal network was infiltrated, allowing threat actors to access and encrypt important information, including personnel records and financial papers.

Conti uploaded example credit card transactions, birth certificates, spreadsheets including employee addresses and phone numbers, secret agreements, and other sensitive papers on the private leak website. At this time it remains unknown if KP Snacks is negotiating with Conti or intends to pay a ransom.

On Friday, 28 January we became aware that we were unfortunately victims of a ransomware incident.

As soon as we became aware of the incident, we enacted our cybersecurity response plan and engaged a leading forensic information technology firm and legal counsel to assist us in our investigation.

We have been continuing to keep our colleagues,

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