Ransomware Dubbed Ranzy Locker Has Affected No Less Than 30 US Companies in 2021, FBI Reports

A flash alert was published on Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation emphasizing the effects Ranzy Locker ransomware has had over this year on US companies. According to the FBI’s statement, at least 30 US enterprises were affected by this cyber threat that targeted various industry sectors.

The FBI coordinated with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to issue this flash alert under discussion released for informational purposes, as it’s developed to assist security professionals in finding detection and guarding techniques to block ransomware attempts.

The report also mentions that remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) credentials brute-forcing was the most used type of cyberattack with the goal to breach networks.

Vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers were also exploited during cyberattacks and phishing attacks represented another segment of the reported ones where the main tools of hackers were stolen credentials.

FBI’s flash alert also offers technical details on how a Ranzy Locker attack might unfold, what mitigation measures can be put in place, and also YARA rules and indicators of compromise (IOC) aimed to be of help for detection and defending purposes.

Unknown cybercriminals using Ranzy Locker ransomware had compromised more than 30 US businesses as of July 2021. (..) The victims

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