Reduce Instances of Covid-19 Phishing Email Attacks

Trend Micro -

In my previous post, I focused on how the report we commissioned Ostermann Research to conduct showed the challenges with ransomware and phishing. For this article I would like to focus on a different area of the report which covered the affects of the Covid-19 pandemic on phishing.

Phishing has been a regularly used threat by malicious actors for many years. Prior to the global Covid-19 pandemic, actors used the latest news topics and events in their attacks. We saw phishing emails based on the Olympics, election cycles, disasters, and other news. However, these were transitory and only allowed the cybercriminals to utilize the information for a short period of time. The pandemic has created them an unlimited supply of news and topics to utilize in their attacks. Examples are:

⁃Infection numbers ⁃Death tolls ⁃Work from home information ⁃Vaccination information

Since all of these were constantly changing with new information coming out on a daily basis, the malicious actors had the ability to use this information to better target their victims. The other aspect was their ability to spoof many of the major organizations dealing with the pandemic, like the WHO, UNESCO, the USA CDC, and many of

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