Russia seizes Trump Dumps, Ferum, and SkyFraud carding forums

All three carding forums were popular among cybercriminals for buying and selling stolen credit and debit cards.

Russian law enforcement authorities are hunting down cybercriminal forums and culprits behind them. After taking down the Infraud Organization Group and dismantling the REvil ransomware gang at the request of the United States, the Russian government has taken down three more cybercrime and carding platforms.

Trump Dumps, Ferum, and SkyFraud seized

According to Russian news outlets, authorities have arrested 6 individuals suspected to be members of a hacking group involved in stealing and selling credit cards. Furthermore, three popular carding forums (involved in selling stolen credit cards)Trump Dumps, Ferum, and SkyFraud have also been seized by Russian police.

The Trump’s Dumps, Ferum, and SkyFraud, all three forums now display notices explaining that the websites were seized by Management “K” of the BSTM of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

The arrests were made under Article 187 of the “The Criminal Code Of The Russian Federation.” This article is related to the making of “counterfeit credit or debit cards, and also of other payment documents, which are not securities, with the purpose of their utterance or their sale.”

The Seizure Message

At the

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