Sandhills Shut Down by Ransomware Attack

Sandhills Global is a privately held information processing firm based in the United States that creates a wide range of products and services, ranging from well-known trade magazines and websites to hosted technology services.

The transportation, agricultural, aerospace, heavy machinery, and technology industries are the company’s primary customers. TractorHouse, Machinery Trader, Machinery Trader Auction Results, Truck Paper, RentalYard, and AuctionTime, as well as Controller, Executive Controller, and Charter Hub, are among its trade magazines.

A website is available for each print newspaper.

The publication giant suffered a ransomware attack that unfortunately caused hosted websites to become inaccessible, in this way disrupting their business operations.

A Ransomware Attack Hit Sandhills Global

Sandhills Global’s website, as well as all of their hosted publications, went offline recently, and their phones stopped working.

When users tried to visit websites hosted on Sandhills’ platform, they were greeted with a Cloudflare Origin DNS error page, indicating that Cloudflare is unable to connect to Sandhills’ servers.

The outages are thought to be the outcome of a Conti ransomware attack.

The attack took place early Thursday morning, prompting the firm to take down all of its IT systems in order to prevent the hack from spreading.

The Conti

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