Security Breach at Flagstar Bank Affects 1.5 Million Clients

Flagstar Bank is a financial institution with its headquarters located in Michigan and is one of the major residential mortgage servicers in the United States, being ranked among the top five largest banks in the country.

What Happened?

During a cyberattack in December, cybercriminals gained access to the personal information of 1.5 million Flagstar Bank clients, and the bank is now informing those customers of the breach.

A data breach occurs when an unauthorized individual gains access to confidential, sensitive, or protected information. Without permission, files from a data breach are viewed and/or shared.

Intruders broke into the corporate network of Flagstar Bank in December 2021, as shown by the data breach notices that were issued to clients whose information had been compromised, causing the bank to suffer a security problem.

The bank found out on June 2nd, after conducting an inquiry into the matter, that the threat actors had gained access to critical consumer information, including complete customer names and social security numbers.

Flagstar Bank treats the security and privacy of your personal information with the utmost importance, which is why we are writing to let you know about a recent security incident. We want to provide you

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