Turn Microsoft Defender into an Unbeatable Security Solution

Few executives doubt their organizations must pay more attention to cybersecurity. Cybercrime costs were estimated at $6 trillion globally in the last year alone, a figure that is forecast to double by 2025. Assessed annually, this equates to roughly 15 percent growth in the cost of cybercrime each year. No organization can afford to ignore this risk.

While cybercrime damage is snowballing, organizations are increasing their investment to prevent it. Security investment is forecast to increase by at least 12.5 percent annually over the next four years, reaching $316 billion by 2022. The link between security and spending has been anything but clear-cut however—so far, at least. 

So organizations are investing more money and deploying more security solutions than ever. But they still appear to be falling victim to threats at record rates. Ransomware attacks on organizations ranging from Colonial Pipeline to the Irish Health Service (HSE) have been huge news stories in the past 12 months. And despite record security spending last year, the frequency of attacks and the average amount of damage done by threats like ransomware is soaring. Breached organizations are frequently left with bills in the millions of dollars. 

The solution to this problem is

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