What is EDR and why is endpoint security so important?

Cybersecurity leaders have a daunting task and have needed to increase the scope of their security framework and how to effectively protect their organizations. Many frameworks such as ones provided by NIST, ask departments to think beyond just prevention as protection.

Data breaches, attacks, and exposures are so commonplace that just focusing on preventing attack will leave an organization unprepared if they do suffer a compromise. And the likelihood of that happening is only increasing. A data breach report from IBM recently stated that the average company has a 27.7% chance of experiencing a data breach.

This risk has resulted in an expansion of priorities. In addition to preventing attacks, organizations should also focus on detection, identification, response, and recovery tools that let them know when and how they’ve been compromised, while giving them the necessary tools, data, and analysis.

An endpoint detection and response solution, or EDR, is one of the more effective tools available that ensure you’re monitoring your endpoints while having the capability to respond to any attacks or suspicious behavior.

What is an EDR?

An EDR is a tool that will monitor your endpoints for any suspicious behavior, alerting you in the case of a compromise

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