Bitdefender releases REvil decryptor as ransomware gang shows signs of return

As law enforcement braces for the revival of the REvil ransomware gang, a cybersecurity firm on Thursday released a free decryption tool for early victims of the criminals.

The decryptor, which Bitdefender developed in coordination with an unnamed law enforcement partner, will aid victims hit before July 13. The Romania-based company said it was still in the middle of an investigation with its partner, which agreed to release the decryptor before completing the joint inquiry to help as many victims as possible. Bitdefender has a long history of working with Europol to release tools that help victims of digital extortion sidestep the process of making a payment.

“We believe new REvil attacks are imminent after the ransomware gang’s servers and supporting infrastructure recently came back online after a two month hiatus,” Bitdefender wrote in a blog post.

According to another cybersecurity firm, Flashpoint, REvil is already fully back in business. It would mark a quick turnaround for one of the most successful ransomware gangs, which disappeared after headline-making attacks on meat supplier JBS and software company Kaseya.

It’s not the first time law enforcement has been invoked in relation to a REvil-related decryptor. Kaseya made a decryptor available to companies

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