Heimdal™ Adds a New Product to Its Suite of Cybersecurity Solutions: Remote Desktop

Copenhagen, October 6th, 2021 – Heimdal™ Security (Heimdal™) has just launched a brand-new remote access and support solution that will greatly improve your flexibility in terms of connecting to your end-users and being able to offer assistance with just one click.

The product in question is Heimdal™ Remote Desktop, a holistically accommodating and secure tool that is extremely user-friendly and will add the finishing touches to your cybersecurity product range.

How Heimdal™ Remote Desktop Works

Heimdal™ Remote Desktop supports three connection modes:

Heimdal™ Agent Supporter to Heimdal™ Agent End-User Heimdal™ Dashboard Supporter to Heimdal™ Agent End-User Heimdal™ Dashboard Supporter to No Agent Heimdal™ User

Therefore, our new product can function in both an agent-based and agentless context. You will be able to offer remote support to your employees regardless of whether or not they have the Heimdal™ Agent installed.

Regardless of the type of session that suits your needs, you will benefit from market-leading encryption any time you use Heimdal™ Remote Desktop. All connections are double-encrypted with RSA 2048/4096 and AES-256, as well as further protected via multi-factor authentication (MFA).

To help you secure your remote sessions, even more, we’ve designed Heimdal™ Remote Desktop to be fully compatible

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